Prescription: Rest

No doctor’s signature required.

An instant  injection of peace for your body and mind in a calming audio specially designed for nurses. No adverse effects. 


Why do I need to be prescribed Rest?

Because you’re bone-tired but your nerves are still jangling. You hear call buttons and phones ringing in your sleep.

Because you look after everyone’s health but your own.

Because you were already stressed out pre- pandemic  and now you’re in way over your head and afraid of drowning.

    Prescription: Rest is a 20 minute audio recording of a Daring to Rest ™ Yoga nidra nap.Through a series of guided instructions the body is led into a state of supreme relaxation addressing the unconscious and subconscious mind, opening the potential for deep healing. You get to lie down and enjoy the whole experience and wake up refreshed.

    Main effects

    • Relief from the tension and stress that goes hand in hand with your role as a nurse
    • Reduce insomnia and improve your sleep quality, especially on 12 hour back to back or night shifts that have messed up your circadian rhythm
    •  Respite from all the tasks running through your mind, all the to do lists, requests and details on scraps of paper
    • Rebalance your nervous system for calm, focused energy
    • Restore the best version of yourself, at home and at work

    Side Effects

    • May reduce grumpiness, yelling
    • Reduced brain fog
    • Renewed enthusiasm for your profession, and your life!

      Ready to feel really, truly rested?



        Frequently Asked Questions

        How can I add another thing to my busy schedule?

        Its 20 minutes. You can do it anytime of day, from when you wake up to when you are going to sleep. 

        Do I need any special equipment?

        A smartphone, a blanket, earphones if you like them. You can add a small  pebble or crystal, a yoga mat or eye pillow if you’re feeling fancy but seriously you can do this in your car or in the staff room.

        I can’t mediate, how can I do this?

        Neither can I! But I can do this and enjoy it. There’s something about the sequence of instructions that gently lures you into a more blissful state before you know it.


        Is this a woo-woo thing?

        Depends on your definition of woo. Its an ancient practice originating in India, adapted, with its many benefits now confirmed in scientific studies.