Nurse’s Care – The Beta Round

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a care plan, not for a patient, but just for you?


By the end of this course, you, tired nurse will …

  1. Prioritise your rest time as a nurse / human & how to most easily integrate this into your lifestyle
  2. Learn an effortless technique for feeling physically rested at any time of the day or night, no matter your shift pattern.
  3. Release your mental and emotional exhaustion instantly without wine, whining, dining or yelling.
  4. Address your life-purpose / soul

    Start Date: June 28, 2021



    Week 1: Rest. Audio + journal / pdf (Assess + Plan+ Implement)

    Week 2: Release. Audio + journal / pdf (Implement+ Evaluate)

    Week 3: Rise. Audio + journal / pdf (Implement+ Evaluate)

    Week 4: Review & Reflect. Audio + journal / pdf(Evaluate)


    Course Format

    Modules released weekly on Sundays 

    Downloadable worksheet documents for your Care Plan Journal


    Daily emails to keep on track.



    • Facebook group access to me and other group members for extra support
    • Lifetime access to future versions of the course
    • Voxer office hours every Friday



    I could not recommend Ann highly enough, she truly is a fantastic person to work with and I hope many people decide to work with her because I really believe anyone could benefit hugely from her services. I know I definitely did, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.

    I could always share all my doubts with you and you always answered in a very comfortable way. You and your calming presence is a great help in any stressful event. My favourite was when you read my personalised nidras. They helped me stay focused and relaxed about what I wanted.

    Meet Ann


    Hey there!

    Ann McMahon here, your friendly virtual nurse rest coach. I have been working in healthcare for over 30 years. In my (often simultaneous) roles as nurse, carer, parent, childbirth educator and acupuncturist I came to realise that rest is so often the forgotten child, in both orthodox and complementary health. In my experience it is the missing piece of the puzzle that is hidden way under the couch with the dust bunnies. I want to bring (boring, unsexy) rest back into the spotlight.

    I wasn’t born knowing this. Well, maybe I was -but like most of us- I un-learnt it over the years. Late nights studying, partying, nightshifts and later wakeful children led me to think exhaustion was just integral to my personality. I was great at telling my patients & clients to take it easy, not to over do things, to mind themselves- but terrible at taking my own advice. As a nurse, and as a mother and carer for older parents being all things to all people is part of the unwritten job description. I learned the techniques in this programme over time and was confident using them with others, but it took an embarrassingly long time before the penny dropped and I started using them myself. I struggled -ironically enough – and still struggle at times to wean myself away from see-sawing from incessant busyness and activity to doom scrolling on my phone. But I’ve never given up and I’ve discovered that building Daring to Rest ™ naps and all the other practices contained in the care plan into my life result in more time, energy, clarity and positivity in every part of my life. Eventually i realised it was too good not to share so I’m genuinely thrilled to offer you my Care Plan – so you can leapfrog through the process in 4 weeks.

    The Fine Print

    This experience has a big feedback and support element, so places are limited .It will never again be priced as low, but I do ask a favour in return. Give me feedback on how to improve future versions of the course (which of course you’ll also have the benefit of) and a testimonial would be great (but optional).


    There are no refunds for this reason.

      So-Glad-You-Asked FAQs

      I’m a trained health-care professional. Why would I sign up, I know this stuff already?

      Yes, you are no doubt very knowledgeable,but most likely about illness rather than health. The nature of the work is we focus on what can go wrong rather than what could go right with out bodies and minds.  Also yes, a good few hours study and extensive googling could give you access to most, if not all the information here. Its not the third secret of Fatima. But why haven’t you done so already? And if you’ve read this far…something is ringing true for you. 

      How can I add another thing to my busy schedule?

      So here’s the thing about this Care Plan. Once you make the commitment, the Plan is designed and structured so that rest becomes an easy and integral part of your lifestyle, one that you can tailor to completely suit your unique schedule or lack-of (shiftwork again).You can do it anytime of day, from when you first wake up to right before you sleep. Also, did I mention, the Plan is really enjoyable & you’ll look forward to practising .

      Do I need any special equipment?

      A smartphone, a blanket, a journal, earphones if you like them. You can add a small  pebble or crystal, a yoga mat or eye pillow if you’re feeling fancy.


      I can’t mediate, how can I do this?

      Neither can I! But I can do this and enjoy it. Firstly, I’ll guide you through it. Plus, there’s something about the sequence of instructions that gently lures you into a more blissful state before you know it.


      Is this a woo-woo thing?

      Depends on your definition of woo. Its based on an ancient practice originating in India, adapted, with its many benefits now confirmed in scientific studies. I also include elements of Chinese medicine and Western psychology.


      Still not sure?

      Check off 5 or more of these, and come on in!

       You deserve a more relaxed and less stressful life.

      You’ve been of the opinion that resting is for wimps.

       You are willing to lie down to rise up

       You are done with DIYing self-care and ready for some structure and support 

      You are available for 20-40 minutes most days for 12 weeks.

      The guarantee reassures you, you have nothing to lose but your stress.

      You’ll put past mistakes behind you.

      If you get 5 or higher, it’s time to enroll

      Your mission to look after yourself matters, it really matters, and not only because so many people depend on you. Quite simply, you’re worth it. It’s not easy to do the work we do + stay sane, positive and healthy.  I know you’re worried that you’ll never get this done, that it will go the way of unused gym memberships, unread self-help books and other great intentions of past you. But your body’s cries for rest deserve to be heard. Urgently. Thanks for your trust in me so far, and I sincerely hope to meet you inside The Nurses’ Care Plan.

      Ready to live a restful life?