I help shattered nurses effortlessly put the pieces of themselves back together.

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a bolus dose of calm

It’s like PPE, but for your life.

Drop your name + email and learn the techniques that will change your life.

Nurses’ Rest Care Plan encompasses a suite of self-care techniques, centred around your very own personalised Daring to RestTM yoga nidra audio recording, and drawn from the toolkit I’ve spent my whole life gathering.

Why work with Me?

Nursing has never been a stress-free career but, lately? Off.The Charts. A good day caring for a patient, knowing you were on your game and made a positive impact has you  walking on sunshine.This is the work you were born to do.  Lately though, those days are as rare as your toilet breaks. Between PPE, policy changes, management issues, infection control fears, less than helpful colleagues, shiftwork, physical exhaustion, family worries, back pain…. The list goes on. As for being appreciated, those claps are long forgotten.

So what’s a nurse to do? Sure you could sign up for a generic meditation app or yoga on youtube – but here’s what’s different in my restroom. First of all I know nurses:What you love about your job, what you hate and what you fear. I know you never in your wildest dreams thought you’d be working through a pandemic, but hey, here we all are….a year into COVID and still in one piece….mostly.

I also want to know all about your life, what makes you tick, what inspires you and what you’re finding hard going right now – work life, home life, whatever is keeping you awake at night. It’s a no-judgement zone

Prescription: Rest

First, we start to heal physical exhaustion.

Fatigue and nursing go hand in hand. Physically demanding work, long hours and night shifts mean we often drag ourselves through work and life in survival mode. Within minutes, we can blissfully & effortlessly feel exhaustion leaving the body.

CarePlan: Dare to Rest

Next, we heal mental and emotional exhaustion. Once the physical body is relaxed, we can think more clearly and freely. Remember waking up in the morning as a 4-year-old, with no stress, no obligations or responsibilities? How would you like to recapture that feeling of freedom and clarity?

Complete Remedy for the Shattered Nurse

Finally, we can rise up rejuvenated, finding a sense of renewed purpose.  We  recapture our innate calm and focus, gathering our inner resources and become reacquainted with our true nature.

“In the midst of chaos, I found there was, within me, an invincible calm.”

Albert Camus

Need to know more about me?

Hey, I’m Ann.

I have been looking after humans in one way or another for over 30 years. In my (often simultaneous) roles as nurse, acupuncturist, childbirth educator, carer of aged parents, and mother of 5. Over time, I’ve come to realise that rest, yes (boring, unsexy) rest is usually overlooked in both orthodox and complementary health.

Health and wellness are both my job and my passion. I want everybody- starting with myself – to feel their physical and mental best, whatever that feels like for them. I believe this will have a ripple effect on our families and communities.

I’ve helped many, many women rest and restore one-to-one and in groups over the years. My methods are continually evolving. Two of my biggest fears are public speaking and boring people. I’ve kinda, sorta turned them into a strength 🙂

I live in the West of Ireland. It’s as beautiful as you think it is, but it rains a lot.
I’m an INFP, HSP, enneagram 9, wing4/5 and a born again Sagittarius with Cancer ascendant. This either makes me very weird or really special.

I’m excellent at trivia and 80s song lyrics, but I have to look up the same prescription medication multiple times a shift.

My happy place is either in front of an open fire with a good book, or in the pit at a Springsteen show, singing tunelessly, but knowing every word. My family is my number one priority in life.

Matcha tea is my drink of choice, chocolate chip cookies my weakness.

My mission is to transform tired, wired and shattered nurses into calmer, focused, happier people- through the power of rest and self-care.

As nurses we have a personal and professional obligation to provide care for the person in front of us.We wouldn’t dream of discriminating on grounds of colour, race, age, gender or religion. We educate ourselves to provide culturally appropriate care. Same applies here. Everyone is welcome and we are open to correction and ways to become more inclusive whenever we fall short.

“I’d just like to say how I could not recommend Ann highly enough, she truly is a fantastic person to work with and I hope many people decide to work with her because I really believe anyone could benefit hugely from her services. I know I definitely did, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.”


“You and your calming presence are a great help in any stressfull event. My favourite was when you read my personalised nidras. They helped me stay focused and relaxed about what I wanted. “


“I’ve known and worked with Ann for years and if there were a person that I could point to as the embodiment of calm, it would be Ann.”